Elf Queen revisited

One last picture before heading off to Illuxcon!

Sun God

Here is another illustration for the portfolio.

Oracle of Thassa

First ever Magic card!

This piece is actually a little different from the illustration on the card. I came back to it last month and decided to tweak it some- I changed her hair and sharpened the rendering up in some places. Hopefully there will be many more illustrations for MtG to come!


Here is the latest piece for my portfolio. I started it earlier this year, but wasn't able to finish it until now, in between freelance work. I wanted to do an illustration with a lot of action, and horses, in it. Horses are pretty frequent in the world of fantasy, after all.

Drow Phantom

Here's a character I recently designed for Rite Publishing's Pathways E-Zine. The client asked for a mix between a noble drow and the Sorrowful Man, and I think the result turned out to be pretty interesting.

False Goddess

Here is the latest piece for ye olde portfolio!

Nymph Final

Here is the final piece. I originally meant to finish this for the Art Order nymph challenge, but freelance work and other obligations got in the way, so I finished it later.