It's been awhile since I had the time to make a dedicated portfolio illustration. I'm looking to redo most if not all of my portfolio this year for Gen Con, and this is the first piece I've completed so far.

The Sword of Elseerian

Here's a cover I've had finished for a little while now, just forgot to put it up on here. Another wrap around bookcover.

Thief in the Myst

A wrap around cover for a book written by Ben Hale. 


Someone contacted me on Deviant Art earlier this year and asked for a private commission, and this was the result.

Demons' Gate

Here's the final bookcover illustration for Matt Heppe's book series.


Here is the front cover to a book coming out sometime in June, written by Matt Heppe.

One With Nature (revised)

Here's a piece I was hoping to get done for Illuxcon this year, but I ran out of time. I fixed up a piece I had done last year, and I think it looks much better now.