The Sword of Elseerian

Here's a cover I've had finished for a little while now, just forgot to put it up on here. Another wrap around bookcover.

Thief in the Myst

A wrap around cover for a book written by Ben Hale. 


Someone contacted me on Deviant Art earlier this year and asked for a private commission, and this was the result.

Demons' Gate

Here's the final bookcover illustration for Matt Heppe's book series.


Here is the front cover to a book coming out sometime in June, written by Matt Heppe.

One With Nature (revised)

Here's a piece I was hoping to get done for Illuxcon this year, but I ran out of time. I fixed up a piece I had done last year, and I think it looks much better now. 

Sunlit Angel

Another piece for my portfolio, and the last before leaving for Illuxcon. I imagined this piece being a Magic card.