Art Order challenge: Art Test

Here is another Art Order challenge I completed at the end of April, just forgot to post it until now. WoTC is having an art test for potential future illustrators, and gave everyone a few prompts to choose from. I decided upon one that asked for the illustration of a culture's soldier based off of pre-existing concept art. Thanks for taking a look!

Art Order challenge: Lyssa

It's been a little while, but I have been really busy. I started a new illustration in January, only to have an interesting Art Order challenge appear towards the end of the month, so I stopped working on that and created a new illustration for the challenge instead- this here is the result. We were given a short description about a female mage wearing white robes with gold trim, and told to go from there. I decided to go for more of a middle eastern/indian looking lady reading her books, cause mages are just big book worms after all. The jali in the background was a pain to draw, but I think it turned out pretty nice.

Not sure if I'm going to start up the previous illustration again, I think I'll just start working on sketches for the next one instead.